ChokLit Factory Exclusive: Why do Men Front on R&B?

This is a bit...intimidating

This is a bit...intimidating

Disclaimer: This article is purely based on my opinion and does not represent ALL men, so if this does NOT represent you, speak your piece!

So I was having a music conversation with a male friend the other day – one of my favourite topics of conversation. He was flipping through his collection of current music he is listening to (which consisted of year-old hip hop mixtapes). He was bumping Young Jeezy, a lot of Rick Ross, Lil Wayne – definitely some of my faves. But then the player shuffled to The Dream’s I Love Your Girl Remix featuring Young Jeezy and I had to pause. The conversation went something like this:

“I Love this song! (girlish squeal!) The Dream is the ish!”

“Yah it’s cool”

“You bump R&B too?”

Hesitation. “….Nah!”

“Forreal? You don’t bump ANY R&B? How come?”

More stuttering. “Just not my thing, that’s for the Females”

He really made the word, Females, sound like the lowest form of the human race right there. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my Hip Hop; I used to go hard with Hip Hop before the recession, but I always need some good R&B to relax, contemplate, get into my happy place or get into the mood…

But really though, what is the deal with men not being into R&B? We all know that R&B is aimed at women. I would estimate that 80% of R&B music buyers are Female. So naturally, you will have your artists like Trey Songz, Usher and even D’angelo that will appeal to women based on their looks, bodies and voices. They will sing the songs that women want to get intimate to, dance the way females will find irresistible and will conduct themselves in ways that will be considered, strictly for the ladies. But does this mean that your Homeboy should be considered Gay if he bumps Usher’s Trading Places?


Although R&B music is mainly marketed towards Women, I think there is a bigger picture. It is the most mainstream of Urban music because R&B can appeal to the masses. This music celebrates, promotes and caters to Love. And who doesn’t want to experience Love, right? No matter how Hard you claim to be, you know you got your heart broken once before, and you had to Let it Burn when you found out you Had it Bad. Gangsta or not, I know you couldn’t get enough of the Brown Suga last night, when a special friend had you asking, How Does it Feel? So please, make me this Promise fellas, and embrace the R&B. If not in public, at least in Private with your Boo – she will Love you Long time for it!

Lola B!

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  1. So true Jenny! Some men def be fronting about how they CANT, DONT, just down right REFUSE to listening to rNb! LOL. But I’ll tell you, two main men in my life LOVE them some rNb! My bro stays bumping something every now and then, not only for himself, but because he knows the ladies love it! lol. Nothing homo about appreciating some good music!

    • Great comment BSB, you must have some REAL men in yo life! 😉

  2. My ex man was the same way, he fronts as if he don’t listen to R&B, but behind closed doors he sang to me some J Holiday all the time, and he sang in the shower, the whole 9…sooo ya def a downlow R&B lover, no homo;)

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  4. Very cool ! Thanks for sharing. Now I’m following you..

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