Oldie Butta GoodieBar: Lauryn Hill – Tell Him


Ms Hill

I know this is my second Lauryn Hill post in a couple weeks, but how could i resist this one? After an alcohol-fueled night of bumpin’ and grindin’ at a club spot this past weekend, the female DJ (Whaddup DJ Game?) decided to throw on this beautiful track. The song had a nice feel to it and it instantly stopped me, mid-groove. I reached over the booth and asked the DJ what the song was and she replied, “Lauryn Hill, Tell him, one of my favourite tracks!

Indeed. The good thing about growing up in the 90s, is being able to re-live the music again once I am old enough to appreciate it. Tell Him is a great song because of the message: Tell him. ie. Talk about it. Lauryn is singing about a unique kind of Love where you need your significant other in your life so badly and all you want to do is tell them how you feel and hope the Love is reciprocated. The music is simple and basic – but it is beautiful because of that. And Lauryn’s voice is dripping with sincerity and wisdom. She makes you believe it is okay to ‘Tell him‘ and that everything will be alright.

Lauryn Hill – Tell Him

You like? I just thought ya’ll would need to hear some real music for a change after my last couple of posts…

And for Shyts & Gumdrops, here is a piece of monstrosity I found on YouTube. See, this is what American Idol has done to us as a people! …Leave Lauryn’s music be!! Thanks.

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  1. How beautiful is this drawing/painting of Lauryn btw? I Loves it!! I could listen to this song over and over..

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