Music News ROLO: We got the Nu Nu in R&B music, Catch Up!

Another treat for ya’ll, some more music! Nothing too groundbreaking, but pleasant enough…check it out!

First we have Monica’s Once in a Lifetime, released a week or so ago onto the ‘Nets. Monica released Still Standing last year, but it didn’t make too much of an impact on the charts. This track,produced by Brian Michael Cox doesn’t particularly grab me, and nothing about it sticks, but it is a nice song. Some people are comparing it to Mary J. Blige’s Be Without You. Maybe after a couple of listens…

Monica – Once in a Lifetime





Next we have Dawn Richardson’s new song If I Could, which is a released track from some recent studio sessions. It is not strong enough to be a lead single, but it does a good job of showcasing the direction Dawn is looking to follow. If I Could sounds like a reject track from the last Danity Kane album – but in a good way! There are some parts where she reminds me of Brandy, vocally. Dawn definitely has some vocal skills and an interesting range. I’ll be excited to hear more from her in the future!

Dawn Richardson – If I Could


You guys might like this one: Sammie is all grown up and is trying to make his mark on R&B/Pop the way he did when he first appeared on the scene with the song, I Like, back in 199 when he was just 13. Signed to Dallas Austin’s Rowdy Records, Sammie had some recent success with the singles, Come with Me, You Should be My Girl, and Kiss Me Through the Phone, with Soulja Boy.  Sammie may have made a hit with his new single, Body Rock. It is catchy and fun; a definite club song. Also, Sammie sounds great on this track. There is a remix floating around with Yung Joc on the feature, though I’m feeling this version as well. You guys feeling this one?

Sammie – Body Rock


usher-2Usher links up with producers Dre & Vidal to create this new track, Secrets. It kind of sounds like a extra track off the Confessions album which again, isn’t a bad thing! Even though Usher did not have a great year in ’08 and didn’t produce the best R&B album, I’ll give it up or Mr. Raymond because he is one of the few new school cats who still have that R&B element to him. And he’s the only artist to come close to the MJ comparison. Is it too soon to make that comparison? Maybe not… Still, this song doesn’t do a whole lot for me, it has a nice feel to it, but is mediocre at the end of the day. still worth a listen though – What do you guys think?

Usher – Secrets


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