Butta of the Week: Pleasure P Boyfriend #2 Remix feat. GhostFace Killa

Pleasure P startin de trends..

Pleasure P startin de trends..

The other day, one of my sisters declared that she needed a ‘Boyfriend #2’. Now, what is a Boyfriend #2? Do you have one? Do you really need one? Well, lets read how Pleasure P feels about it – after all, he started all this! His lyrics below:

I’m boyfriend number 2
’cause the first he don’t really seem like he know what to do
I’m boyfriend number 2
And I know you like it freaky so I’m gonna give it to you
I’m boyfriend number 2
If we don’t fuss, don’t fight, don’t argue
And second place always got a whole lot to prove
So whenever you get in the mood
(Just call) boyfriend number 2

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You follow? I  don’t know if I could use 2 boyfriends, but I can definitely use another Remix! (why not?) Ghostface Killah blesses this track with his interpretation of what a BF#2 is and wonders out loud, if he’s doin’ all this for you, why ain’t he Boyfriend #1? Ladies, he got a point there… Still, the song is meant to remind the ladies of some of the real reasons they need that Side Dude. Side Dude has no drama, no baggage and no expectations – they just want to please you and do all the thangs your man won’t do…Sounds like an upgrade to me! In a perfect world, I guess! Check it out!

Pleasure P feat. Ghostface Killah – Boyfriend #2 Remix

Pleasure P left the group Pretty Ricky to pursue his solo career back in 2007. That was definitely a good look for him. Since then; he has hooked up with Tierra Marie on a track(Hunt for You), released Did You Wrong last year, that had some decent chart showings on the R&B charts and recently released Boyfriend #2 to prep for his debut solo album, Introduction to Mark Cooper (not to be confused with Mr. Cooper!), to be released May 5th. Peep the video below. I likes.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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