Melt in Your Ears: Triple Scoop! Cassie, Ne-Yo & Electrik Red

Alot of music is leaking onto the Nets lately, good news for us! I’ve got a triple scoop for y’all to taste today!

Cassie & Diddy

Cassie & Diddy

First off we have Cassie & Diddy, a track they did together that was produced by Mario Winans. This was leaked a couple weeks ago but I guess I missed the Memo (Bad Boy, holla atcha girl!). Cassie, Cassie, Cassie. Some say she f*cks for tracks, she has no talent, she’s nothin’ but a pretty face, etc. But at the end of the day, she is close with Diddy, so she isn’t going anywhere anytime soon…the same can be said for Christina Milian thanks to her close relationship with TheDream. Nevertheless, on a good day, I dig Cassie. Not sure how she will fare now that she doesn’t seem to be working with Ryan Leslie anymore, but I’ve heard an improvement in her voice lately and I actually like some of her music! Her last single, Official Girl took a Looooong time to grow on me, but once it did, I really got into it. Too bad it went nowhere. This song has similar potential. Its slow-moving, nothing too special upon the first couple listens. But the brooding production seems like it may grow on me in the near future, so we will see. Check it out after the jump!

Cassie feat. Diddy – Must Be Love




Next, we have a new track by Ne-Yo, Bite Me. LoL I wonder what this track will be about? Produced by Tricky Stewart, this is a song that further adds to the comparisons of Ne-Yo to MJ; dude is reachin for the Crown! On the hook, Ne-Yo sings, “When you do what you do, Girl you make me wanna bite you!” Alright then. But I am feeling this song; very smooth sound and great vocals by Ne-Yo. Take a listen!

Ne-Yo – Bite Me


Electrik Red

Electrik Red

And lastly, we have the remix to Electrik Red’s new song, So Good. I’m already a big fan of the original – it stays on Repeat in my iPod. The remix adds a hot rhyme by Wheezy, enough to give the girls some much-needed promotion. And it works! Check it out – how could you not like this track??

Electrik Red feat. Lil Wayne – So Good (Remixx)

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  1. nice electric babes

  2. I’m actually lovin Electric red I saw them in concert a couple wks ago they actually opened for weezy. It wasn’t the greatest performance but I kno it was there first show so…I’m cutting them some slack!

  3. Okkkk, so both Diddy and Cassie are WHACK as artists…Don’t get me wrong I loveee him and thinks he is a smart businessman, but he missed his chance a long time ago as an entertainer!!! That song is trash…like is she really trying to sing? The song is very amature…not feeling it at all…And if she is “fucking” for tracks, she needs to solicit other producers, because the songs she has been coming out with lately aren’t really selling units at all…

    And Ne-Yo…oooooooohhhhhhh, what can I say, he leaves me speechless!!! I like that song because it defintely appeals to all of the freaks ;-)! Makes me wanna….hahahaha!!!

    Electric red, I like them! They are ummm different from what we’ve seen with other girl groups from the past, for ex. Destiny Child and others…they are fun and playful…I feel like other girl groups in the past have had a soulful component to them…I am interested in hearing some more material from this group…In any event, there is something unique about them…

  4. […] alas, this is just for attention, we know. A couple weeks ago we posted her new track with Diddy, Must be Love, and now she gets a new ‘Look’ and a “I don’t give a F*ck’ attitude […]

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