Melt in Your Ears: Sophia Fresh – What It Is

Fresh new group Sophia Fresh

Fresh new group Sophia Fresh

After listening to the first 10 seconds of this song…who do you think produced this track? Take a wild guess!

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If you guessed T-Pain and you started to hum the beat of ‘Go Girl’ – the song he did with Ciara – you get a ChokLit STAR! This is T-Pain’s new group, Sophia Fresh, composed of Skye, Crystal & Cole Rose.  This video doesn’t inspire a whole lot of words from me unfortunately, but shout outs to the Men of Day 26 for making some cameos!

After reading Sophia Fresh’s Bios, the most I got from reading it is T-Pain’s involvement with the girls. I guess that is their co-sign. I heard What It Isa while ago, thought it was cute at most. The original song featured a Kanye cameo, but I guess ‘Ye skipped out on the video. Not sure if you guys will be feeling this video, but thought I’d post it anyways. These ladies are cute & sassy – kind of a 2009 version of TLC, but they appear extra gimmicky to me and their music does not grab me the way Ain’t too Proud to Beg, Creep or No Scrubs did (WOW the 90s, eh?) 

Also, I feel I would give them more of a chance if T-Pain wasn’t backing them up. I’ll give it to Pain, he can write a Monster hit and can produce pretty good as well… I just don’t see him doing all that well with melodies and harmonies when it comes to an R&B-based group. After all, what does T-Pain know about singing? But maybe R&B isn’t the Genre Sophia Fresh is aiming for. I guess their sound is more Urban/Alternative Pop. This style is very popular with the Young & Hip scene coming out of Atlanta nowadays. I’m sorry, Keri Hilson is about as Alternative as i will go, thank you. But I digress. I’ve listened to a couple more songs off the group’s Myspace page. You can as well!

Sophia Fresh’s Myspace.
Sophia Fresh’s Official Website.

What do you all think of Sophia Fresh?

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  1. At first, I was going to say the Dream until I read the rest of the blog…I like the video, it was fun and entertaining…even though it def lacked something…maybe I would have had something in a club or some more interaction with the men…

  2. Nice, totally fresh, good one.

  3. I like them! I think they look fly. I like the song…don’t kno if I would by the album. But I have been known 2 buy a t-pain album. They kinda remind me of Electric Red!

  4. I agree with Slim236, they remind me of Electrik Red, I always mix them up

  5. I knew it was T-pain right away, the intro gave it away with the humming! That girl with the mohawk reminds me of Left eye all day and i recognized her from T-pains vids. She stands out the most for obvious reasons! The joint was koo, i like! Video was boring tho due to low budget but i understand the biz, cant throw all your bread first time around. Shouts to Puffy for letting Day 26 leave the house!

    • I understand how the industry is suffering, but then you have people like Jeezy who is on what, video number 6?? And keep in mind Def Jam already ponied up the funds for 4 (yes FOUR) videos for Electrik Red, and only this recent one is getting play! So I think either Def Jam is the only Label makin Bank this year, or they just invest and promote their artists more. Then again, Jazmine has 5 vids out, is not even Gold, but got some good recogniition for her debut album from the Grammys…

  6. I see mad potential.. the video coulda been better

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