Milk Dudd: You probably don’t care but…Edition

Christian (lifestyle editor for Dime magazine) & Brooke (Kanye's ex)

Christian (lifestyle editor for Dime magazine) & Brooke (Kanye's ex)

So, you probably don’t care…but I watch this new BET show, Harlem Heights with some invested interest. About as much interest as I can give a scripted ‘Reality’ show that has June Ambrose styling the young fashionistas professionals living in the historic Harlem neighbourhood of New York.  Here is a pic I borrowed from the YBF of one of the main characters, Brooke, who is now being seen around town (and is all a Twitter) with her new Boo Christian, also from the show. I think they make a cute pair!

IF you are watching, Brooke is randomly dating Pierre, but he is definitely not her type. Christian is more ’round the way and he has piqued Brooke’s interest ever since she found out he has been seeing her arch nemesis, Ashlei. I already feel cheap for adding this post! But we’ll see what you guys think (ie. comments!!) about it, and if it flops big time, we will NEVER do a post like this again! ChokLit scout’s honor! 😛

*Side Note: Brooke is Kanye’s former girlfirend, whom he dated before Alexis. She was working for MTV at the time he met her, now she got her own show on BET. Hustle on ChokLit lady…

*Side Note 2: Ladies (and dudes!), if you are interested, Jenn over at The ‘B-Life’ did a good feature on Christian that you may wanna check out, here.

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  1. Who is the hot choklit behind Brooke holding the LV bag?!? I want to share a hershey Kiss with HER!

  2. I watched the first 2 episodes of this show & lost interest, so I haven’t really been following up with the show… meh! Can’t wait for the new season in college hill though. It premieres tonight!

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