Oldie Butta GoodieBar: Lauryn Hill – Ex Factor

Where were you when you first heard this song?

This was Lauryn Hill’s third (counting Lost Ones) single from her multiplatinum, multi-Grammy winning, debut album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Released in 1998, the album flawlessly mixed Soul, R&B, Hip Hop & Reggae music genres and would go on to become one of the most celebrated debut albums of all time. Myself being in high school at the time, it remains a great memory to be able to experience the music for the first time, at the time. My friends and I would get together at each other’s homes and would blast the CD front to back, singing all the lyrics and dancing to Doo Wop(That Thing). It was def some memorable ChokLit times. 

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I am not sure what I initially liked about this song; shoot, I was all of 16 years old, not knowing a thing about love & relationships. But I could still feel Lauryn’s pain in trying to make an impossible relationship work. The beginning of the song starts off so peaceful, serene and sweet, but later the music elevates to match the frustrations in Lauryn’s voice. And of course, Lauryn’s voice is on point in the song and expresses her emotions ever so effortlessly.

Lauryn was rumoured to have been having relations with bandmate Wyclef Jean throughout most of her time with the Fugees and had a falling out with him over this project, which led to her pursuig things with her current partner and Father to her children, Rohan Marley. Sadly, after this project, Lauryn slowing disappeared from the Industry on a self-imposed Exile.  She resurfaced for a slight return with an MTV’s Unplugged album in 2001. But it wasn’t enough…we still await the return of the Queen.

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  1. This is such a fave of mine…LOVE it!

  2. I absolutely love this song, it never gets old! Luv me some Lauren Hill, so weird that you posted this song, I was just listening to it over the weekend…

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