Hot ChokLit! Ciara’s New Promo Pics for Love, Sex & Magic!

Ciara & Justin doing the Ill profile shot

Ciara & Justin doing the Ill profile shot

I peeped these photos over at ConcreteLoop today and my mouth dropped. Cici is definitely gettin if with these pics! She looks great.  A couple weeks ago, I posted her new song with Justin Timberlake, Love, Sex & Magic. These pics are stills from the upcoming video for the song. The song itself is currently stalling at number 86 on Billboard’s Hot 100 (mainstream), but this video should definitely raise its popularity. I make it a point to give it up for Ciara because she always puts on a show for her fans. She never half-asses a video or performance; she goes all out because she knows that is her strong suit (her voice…not so much!) Her new album, Fantasy Ride (perhaps she should change the title, I don’t know), is due out May 5th! What do you guys think of the pics?

Ciara feat. Justin Timberlake _ Love, Sex & Magic

*Side Note: Mr. Knowvember will be on hand to comment in 5…4…3….2..

See the other two pics below…

People be murmuring that she's copyin B with this pic...

People be murmuring that she's copyin B with this pic...

This is SICK!

This is SICK!

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  1. Stalling no? Song was released 2weeks ago and already made its debut on hot 100 without digital sales! I think thats a hit already! It is #32 on iTunes now… guys keep buying it needs it to be higher tell a friend its only a dollar!

  2. Yes I hear it has been gaining alot of spins on radio and is gaining momentum. Thanks for commenting!!

  3. …1…and I’m on! lol thanks for the quasi-shout out…I’m hoping the video successfully launches this project only because I’ve made it a goal to catch a CiCi concert this year if/when she goes on tour. Choklitfactory what you sayin? If CiCi tours this year I say the two of us fly to the nearest stop, check out the show and write a massive blog about it…we can chalk up the expenses to “research” lol

  4. All drooling aside, did anyone like Go Girl a tiny bit more after the video? I did and I’m getting worried because I’m not sold on this song yet. I’m sure the video will be hype just looking at the stills looks like it’s going to be funky/sexy/weird…and the JT spotlight shows that they want to expand CiCi’s brand to a more crossover appeal….but it’s no “My Love” so I’m kinda worried….

    Is JT wearing heels in this pic? Isn’t he like 5 foot and some change!?!?

  5. Oh you know I was DEF murmuring that she is copying B…no wait, I said that shyt aloud! BITER! And the last pic could basially be a still from Beyonce’s last tour (if you remember when her and her dancers were up at the pole, basically striking all the same poses…) Hard for any artist to avoid comparisons to the QueenBee, so why make it so damn easy! lol.

    • please!! copying beyonce?! give me a break! ciara is way more original and a better all around artist. bey ain’t got no style and copies from everybody else including cici! if cici copied, she looks better doing it. lol

  6. The song was released on Monday on iTunes and it’s stalling ?

    Stop the madness. If you’re gonna hate put more thought into it next time.

  7. i dnt think its stalling cus the itunes was released yesterday and its already number 25… and it made it to the billboard frm jst airplay! but if she can do that in the bed room to than!!!! OMG wow

  8. Cici looks great, I’m feeling better about fantasy ride now, I wasn’t really feeling “Go Girl” all that much, maybe it was bc I didn’t like the video, neways “Never Ever” reminded me why I bought CiCi’s last album. The new video looks HAWT! Maybe fantasy ride will be a solid effort after all. Go CiCi!

  9. fantasy ride is gonna be the shit! watch out cause 09′ is cici’s year!

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