Black Licorice: Artist Feature – Robyn


I know all my 80s babies must remember Robyn. The white girl with the platinum blonde hair who sang R&B-pop diddies, burst onto the North American scene circa 1996, and released the top 10 hits, Show me LoveDo You Know (What it Takes) & Do you really want me(Show Respect). My sister ended up buying the album and I remember enjoying it; it was a pretty solid effort. Sadly, Robyn’s momentum did not last long as she was disagnosed with Exhaustion and had to return to her native Sweden for some much-needed rest. After her hiatus, she returned with a more Electronica-influenced type of music, one that her record Label RCA, didn’t feel suited her Urban image.*Side Note: A similar situation happened to Pink once she decided to go against the ‘ Urban white girl’ image crafted for her by BabyFace & Antonio ‘L.A’ Reid. Meanwhille, over in Europe, Robyn was beginning to enjoy success with her second album, My Truth which displayed her new sound.


Over the next 5 years, Robyn severed ties with her Label and began to release her music independently. She was finally able to make the music she wanted to make and in turn was widely commended for her efforts and recieved critical acclaim. She released two more albums in this timeframe: Don’t Stop the Music (2002) and Robyn (2005).

I’ve always admired Robyn as an Artist and songwriter. She has a unique ability to write meaningul lyrics and deliver songs with a message. Every now and then, I peruse YouTube  to see what she’s up to musically. A song she released in 2005, Be Mine, I had on repeat most of last year. In this song, Robyn is trying to deal with the fact that an ex Love has moved on and will never be hers again. Check it out. *Side Note: I have no idea what the kid is there for!

This next video, Dream On, I discovered just last week and I LOVE it. the video is very expressive, as are the lyrics in this explosive song. You are definitely gonna like this one!

If you liked what you seen & heard here, visit Robyn’s YouTube channel, and check out some other videos like Cobrastyle & Who’s that Girl. I just think this chick is Supa Fly. You can also check out her Myspace page and look into purchasing some of her music on iTunes or Amazon.

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  1. Oh Robyn I remember her, I used to be such a big fan. Good to see her still doing her thang…

  2. I love you Robyn…. You are the best!

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