Music News ROLO: **Update Keri Hilson Diss Record Fiasco!

Keri & Ciara

Keri & Ciara

** Update! I just peeped this video Uptown and decided to post it. Underneath all this fabricated drama, Keri Hilson is a REAL artist with talent who can write good music. That’s what she should get her recognition for. Keri needs to keep her eye on the prize and quit with the dramatics! Check out this mini-video/promo vid she posted on her Youtube Channel. Kanye makes a cameo as her luvher. Keri looks cute in the vid rockin her gold-plated Keri necklace too!

Original Post:

As the buzz from Keri Hilson’s diss record, the remix for ‘Turnin Me On’, has died down, Keri has been busy doing some damage control. The song was released earlier this week, and sparked various rumors of it being a diss track aimed at R&B’s top females due to the heated nature of Keri’s lyrics. Peep the song and the lyrics here.

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There have been several updates to this story. Ciara made an official statement on the issue saying,

As a woman, my first reaction… especially in our industry because it’s really hard to get in a good, strong, solid place. It’s no need to tear another female down.” “I’m not going to respond and say nothing crazy if I don’t have clarity. There has never been any hatred from my end“. source

Bless her heart. Polow, whose voice can be heard on the track, egging Keri on (“Shawty, don’t do it!”) has commented that the song “was not provoked by Ciara, Beyonce or Keyshia Cole”. Interestingly enough, Polow who appears all over the diss track, yet produces from both Ciara and Keri, is the one many believe to have released the track.
Keri’s main defense is that she recorded the track a while back and played it for some people who commented that the track appeared that it was aimed at certain females in the Game. Allegedley, Keri did not like that reaction and decided not to release the track. But somehow, someway, the track got released against Keri’s will. She instead offers that the track is aimed at undisclosed “haters” and says,

I’m not jealous of anybody’s career. There have been many [haters], specifically girls. It’s [aimed at] anybody that tried to take me down and didn’t want to see me succeed.”

I can understand that, Keri. Everyone has their Haters, either real, or imagined. But using certain lines like “She needs to go have some babies”, and “To the left” paint some vivid pictures in people’s minds. Below is an audio video of Keri on a radio station speaking to Cici about the incident and defending the track. Ciara appears to be tight-lipped and cordial. This whole situation smells heavily of BS to me… but check the video and judge for yourself. *Side Note: there was no comment from Queen B’s throne camp.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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