ChokLitFactory Exclusive: Top 25 R&B Songs of 2008 Part II

 My apologies for the late post. Life is working me hard right about now…But lets keep this moving.

Last post, we had Ne-Yo, Trey Songz and Lloyd holding their own on the list. While Beyonce and Keyshia Cole held it down for the ladies. Now we’ll get more upbeat as the next set of songs showcase songs that had us Rockin that thang up in the clubs. We’ll start things off with a ChokLitFactory fave, Mr. Nash.

*Players are fixed! They should play fine now!

17 – The Dream feat. Young Jeezy  – I Luv Your Girl Remix



This track released as TheDream’s 3rd single was a monster hit for Mr. Nash. Me, having the privilege of being in the ATLfor the summer of the song’s release, can attest to the hit factor of this song. The chorus was catchy as sin and the playful “Ahhh…Ah Ah Ah Ah!!” sent ladies everywhere in a tizzy up in the clubs.

TheDream feat. Young Jeezy – I Luv Your Girl


16 – Slim feat. Ryan Leslie & Fabolous – Good Lovin’ 



Ryan Leslie is a friend to the ChokLitFactory in my mind; gotta give respect where respect is due. And Slim is well known as well, for his uniquely soft voice and his success with the former R&B Group, 112. So this song already contains two of my favourite artists. The groove is sexy and plays well against Slim’s vocals. Def a hit!

Slim feat. Ryan Leslie, Fabolous – Good Lovin

15 –Usher,  Beyonce & Lil Wayne – Love in this Club Remix



This is the single that should have been released instead of Usher’s Moving Mountains (good song, but a little boring).  But this remix has sex appeal for days – more so than its predecessor. Beyonce’s voice is best when it is soft; and she does a great job here riding the mellow beat and answering to Usher’s sultry love calls. Lastly, Lil Wayne, 2008’s #1 feature artist reminds the ladies to call him, so he can make it juicy for ya!

Usher feat. Beyonce, Lil Wayne – Love in this Club (RMX)


14 – Rihanna – Take a Bow




Now, Rihanna is not an artist I would consider R&B, but you have to admit, her voice is very unique and so is her look. You must respect the hustle of this Island chick who grinded for 3 albums before hitting it big with TheDream-penned hit, Umbrella (but you knew that already, right?) I’m loving how Rihanna’s voice rides this track and the attitude she kicks towards the loser Ex, “Please! Just cut it out”

*Note: Sadly, Rih Rih is going through some serious things right now in her personal life, so we will remember her music as it was. Just in case she runs a Britney on her career…

Rihanna – Take a Bow



13 – Alicia Keys – I Need You




Alicia had a great run with her last hit album, I Am. Many of her songs were heartfelt, soulful love songs that resonated with many. Near the end of the her video for High School Love affair, Alicia premiered a snippet of I Need You, a hyper, spastic collage of live instruments and dramatic vocals, “I NEED YOU” Alicia is letting her feelings known in this Album banger that deserves some recognition.

Alicia Keys – I Need You



12 – Static major – I Got My (feat. Lil Wayne)


Static Major’s long awaited solo release was supposed to be released in ‘08, despite the death of this underappreciated singer/ songwriter.  Sadly, label politics had since kept it off shelves. The singer who was responsible for Lil Wayne’s monster 2008 hit, Lollipop, wrote quite the hit for himself in, I Got My. The beat is quick and spastic, giving way to Static’s calmly cool voice on the catchy hook.  He has the sex appeal for the ChokLit ladies and is still respected by the fellas. Static was a force to be reckoned with in this industry, and will be missed.

Static Major feat. Lil Wayne – I Got My (click on player in new window)


11 – Usher –  Trading Places




Usher makes a second appearance on this list due to this surprise sexy hit. THIS is the Usher we all remembered and loved. The video for Trading Places oozes sexuality and the cool vibe Usher naturally exudes. The song itself is equally sexy as Usher pleads with his lover to flip the script for the night and trade places. Great song!

Usher – Trading Places




10 – Ryan Leslie feat. Cassie/Keri Hilson – Addiction



Ryan Leslie enjoyed some success with his previous hit, Diamond Girl, but it was Addiction that made me sit up and pay attention.  Nevermind Cassie’s flimsy vocals on the hook – they actually start to grow on you. What stands out is Leslie’s moody production and sexy composition. Who knew an Addiction could feel this good?

Ryan Leslie feat. Keri Hilson & Fabolous- Addiction


9 – Jon Legend feat. Andre 3000 – Green Light



Now, I am not the biggest Jon Legend fan, but this song really surprised me! One of the most dancefloor-ready songs of the year featured Outkast’s Andre 3000 delivering his witty 16 bars. The beat on this track is live, with the excitement of a live band. Jon’s voice matches perfectly with the song as he pleads with the ‘It girl’ to give him the Green Light,with Andre egging him on in the background.

Jon Legend feat. Andre 3000 – Green Light



So, I’m gonna let this all marinate in ya heads for a bit. Take some time, listen to the tracks, then hit me back with your thoughts. What did ya’ll think of these songs? Speak on it! Also hit us back soon for the conclusion of this series and find out who came out on top!


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  1. Man, the year went by fast……

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