Butta of the Week: Keri Hilson, Beyonce & Ciara’s R&B BEEF Edition!

Them's fightin words...

Them's fightin words...

Did you hear? The ‘Nets are a-buzz with this supposed Diss track Keri Hilson disguised as a remix to her hit( I use this term loosely here…) song Turnin Me On. The Remix also features T-Pain, but thats not important, Money’s more

You may have heard this track already. Some sites are claiming Keri is dissin Beyonce. But let’s not go there. I don’t recall Keri having much contact with Beyonce, music industry-wise. I don’t think they hang in the same circles, Keri’s an ATL shawty-turned-Songwriter, and B is …well the Queen B. So, I do not believe that theory. Some are even saying Keri’s gettin at  Nicole Scherzinger from PCD. Could be…not as interesting though. Me thinks the most plausible aim of the Diss track is ‘ya girl CiCi. And I know Mr. Knowvember ain’t gonna like this… but bear with me. Keri has written quite a few hits for Ms Cici, they both work with Polow and from the grumblings of other ATLiens across the blogosphere, Ciara is rubbin some the wrong day nowadays. Maybe 50 got her on some of dem steroids, got her actin all snappy…I don’t know.

Keri starts her verse off, announcing she will “Shoot these B*tches Down!!” She then calls her Assailant a Hoe in that nasal hood-voice she is tryin out on this song. Not that impressed. But I will admit, her flow is NICE on her verse. All of this hoopla just in time for Keri’s long-awaited release of her debut album, In A Perfect World. Out March 24th.

Judge for yourself on the track! And the lyrics below. Check after the jump for the lyrics. Then speak on that!

Keri Hilson feat. T-Pain – Turnin Me On (Remix Diss Track)

Keri’s Lyrics:

“Your vision cloudy if she think that she the best
You can dance you can sing, but you need to move it ‘
to the left

She need to go have some babies
She need to sit down she fake

Them other chicks ain’t worth my time to talk about
Been had dollars, gone get your money up

Go head tell these folks how long I’ve been Writing your songs…

I been putting you on Just check your credits hoe and if you want me you can find me in decatur hoe”
Many thanks to  loyal reader BabyRo who tipped me off on this!
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  1. I’ve been trying to tell people there’s no way in hell she’s talking about Beyonce.

    • well you never know, people are secret haters these days. she said on her video with all the beef that, she wasnt refering to beyonce or anybody but she just took, their lyrics and added to hers that dont make no type of sense!therefore, shes a hater. i was liking keri for a minute as a artist i thought she was pretty filthy, but now, shes trying to get on others life she need to check hers first cause beyonce will always be a diva and top of the game

  2. Keri has not earned the privilege of dissing anyone especially Ci or Bey. Ci has sold millions, and the Queen is in a league of her own. Keri is deny it was a diss, but too late. Proof is in the lyrics. I was checking for Keri, but not anymore, she lost a sale.

    • who ever this is, thank you,thats what i’m talking about, keri just thinks she has a right to talk about a diva cause she aint in b’s spot shes farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr from it!!!!same here i was liking keri for a minute but after i heard she was beefing with the queen of rnb, i knew she was a hater!! yep i seen a video she was like, “oh! it wasnt being referred to B,” but who else has lyrics who talks about moving it to the left, only one i know is beyonce, so shes a damn lie, HATER, HATER, HATER!! like jill scott said let him hate cause i’m higher keri’s cd aint worth buying anyway, f$*k that trash, she aint no diva, like b said how they gone be talking s$*t.

  3. Well, I personally LOVE me some Bey…Lola states it well, she is in a league of her out! And, ummm I think Keri might just be talking about Bey because she has been in the game the longest and she did just marry Jigga…so the reference “she need to have some babies”, could be direct to Bey. I mean Cici,is just too young to be having kids…and it makes no sense why she would be talking about Cici, if she writing her songs, cause shit thats how she getting paid, and Keri works very closely with Polow,who also produces for Cici…so that an easy way to make money for Keri!I think the song can easily be taken the wrong way…maybe she indeed just wanted to make a hot track and the rhymes is hot…so it potentially could mean nothing. Artist do that all the time…I think until something else comes out from Keri or one of these other females, it is premature to speculate who she could be talking about…I mean it could be about anyone!!!

    I did a little research and below is a list of artist she has written for…Beyonce is NOT one of them, so she gets taken off the list of women who she could potentially be dissing…thats if people are reading into the lyriWriting credits
    3LW – “Feelin’ You”
    3LW – “Things You Never Hear a Girl Say”
    ATL – “The One”
    Avant – “4 Minutes”
    B5 – “Heartbreak”
    Bobby Valentino – “Let’s Go”
    Britney Spears – “Gimme More”
    Britney Spears – “Break the Ice”
    Britney Spears – “Outta This World”
    Britney Spears – “Perfect Lover”
    Chingy – “Let Me Luv U”
    Chris Brown – “Young Love”
    Chris Brown – “Superhuman”
    Ciara – “Ooh Baby”
    Crystal Kay – “I’m Not Alone”
    Danity Kane – “Want It”
    Danity Kane – “Right Now”
    Diddy – “After Love”
    Field Mob – “At the Park”
    Jennifer Lopez – “Wrong When Your Gone”
    Keke Palmer – “The Game Song”
    LeToya Luckett – “What Love Can Do”
    Lloyd Banks – “Help”
    Ludacris – “Pimpin All Over the World”
    Ludacris – “Runaway Love”
    Mary J. Blige – “Take Me as I Am”
    Mopheadz – Rub Me Up Rite
    Omarion – “Ice Box”
    Paula Campbell – “Hitlist”
    Pussycat Dolls – “Bite the Dust”
    Pussycat Dolls – “Wait a Minute”
    Rich Boy – “Good Things”
    Rich Boy – “Lost Girls”
    Ruben Studdard – “Play Our Song”
    Shawn Desman – “Red Hair”
    Tank – “I Love You”
    Tiffany Evans – “About a Boy”
    Timbaland – “The Way I Are”
    Timbaland – “Miscommunication”
    Timbaland – “Scream”
    Timbaland – “Hello”
    Toni Braxton – “Sposed to Be”
    Usher – “Red Light”
    Usher – “Love in This Club, Part II” (featuring Beyoncé and Lil Wayne)
    Young Twist – “Love for the Game”cs literally.

    • Credits? Somehow I can’t believe you’ve read the sleeve of every one of those albums. A simple google search seems a more plausible source (especially considering the alphabetical order).

  4. Nah I don’t think she would go at B like that, but I never thought about the whole Nicole from PCD thing, that might be somewhat true bc they both sang on “scream” together, and maybe the CiCi thing is true. Or is this a whole ploy to get some attention right before her album drops? Hmmmmm o well either way I love me some Keri Hilson! March 24th Baby!!

    • i know right shes a hater talking about b like that

  5. Daaamn…Keri been in the game for a minute! BabyRo, that’s a good look on the research – kinda cool to see her catalogue and jog through memory lane readin’ that list…..

    I don’t understand how Ciara got all in the ‘mix’ like our future black/white babies. She is just too adorable to be hated on. Especially those giant gangly spider legs of hers….mmmm….. ANYWAY, Keri gets credit on only one of CiCi’s tracks. If anything, we can point the finger to Britney right? She just came back from having babies, so maybe she needs to sit her Louisiana ass down and make more kids. ‘Sides, Keri’s name is on 4 of her tracks. Tied for the most on the list.

    • A Mess!!

      • i know, she has no right,what did beyonce do to be hated on, but i’m on b’s side.

  6. And if Keri been writing this long for artists, then her business game is tight. Not a good look paper wise to call out a potential client…..drumming up some noise before her album drops is an easy way to get some burn and self promotion is really what hiphop/rap/r&b has been turning in to….just ask Mike Jones. Who?….

  7. Lookout for an update on this post. People are saying Keri’s Label has denounced this Diss record, but Keri is also heard on a Radio station kickin an attitude when asked about Beyonce & Ci. So perhaps there is more truth to this rumour…

  8. […] Music News ROLO: **Update Keri Hilson Diss Record Fiasco! As the buzz from Keri Hilson’s dis record, the remix for ‘Turnin Me On’, has died down, Keri has been busy doing some damage control. The song was released earlier this week, and sparked various rumors of it being a diss track aimed at R&B’s top females due to the heated nature of Keri’s lyrics. Peep the song and the lyrics here. […]

  9. i didnt know keri was having beef with nicole from the pcds why is she beefing with so many people, shes a straight hater and everyone else should see that. ciara, beyonce now nicole s.? wtf, she woulnt like it if someone all of a sudden, started talking bout her, i think the bitch would come out in her then, so therefore, shes hating , no one has a right to talk about beyonce, she didnt do nothing to nobody, so as keri is concerned,shes being a bitch

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