ChokLitFactory Exclusive: Top 25 R&B songs of 2008 Part I


This is EPIC! So big…we needed 3 posts!

So, this list is a bit dated, I know. Most people start to post these around December or, more appropriately, January of the New Year. So I am slow on this, but better late than never! 2008 wasn’t the best year in R&B, but it wasn’t the worst either. The good news is that we had some good, solid efforts from newcomers like TheDream, Estelle, Jennifer Hudson and Jazmine Sullivan. Also, the veterans made sure they kept at the top of their game; Alicia gave a solid, soulful effort, Beyonce gave us two sides to her personality to dance to and Usher made a late, great entry with Trading Places, off his Here I Standflop (sorry, Ush). Also, the sophomore slump didn’t affect the homies Trey Songz, who introduced us to his more hip-hop-influenced side; Lyfe Jennings who brought some more up-tempos cuts with his third release and Raheem Devaughn, who started off 2008 with his hit, Customer.

Other notables include the ever-changing Erykah Badu, Solange, with her impressive sophomore album, Solange and the Hadley Street Dreams and Raphael Saadiq’s critically acclaimed, The Way I see it. It was hard to keep the Hip Hop out, so forgive me for sneaking some T-Pain and Weezy up in there! Enjoy! Didn’t agree? Then speak on it!!

**Update: All Some of my wonderful links aren’t currently working. You can hover around the link to get the player to open up in another window, then press play from there. Sorry for inconvience 😦

25 – Joe – Why just be friends



Joe struggled to get some attention in the‘08 with his new effort, New Man. But this lead single was a welcome treat with Joe’s airy vocals and the song’s slinky, sexy beats.
Joe – Why Just be Friends (click link)
24 – Beyonce – Ego
Beyonce came at us strong with her newest album, I am…Sasha Fierce, but her album was very mainstream and pop-driven. Luckily, Ego is one track ChokLit Heads can get down to. With cocky lyrics like, “I talk like this ‘cuz I can back it up! I got a big Ego…” and the song’s old-school R&B feel, it is definitely a standout track from her current effort. Take note.
Beyonce – Ego


23 – Keyshia Cole – I Remember



Keyshia released her sophomore album, Just like You in late 2007, and released I Remember as her third single in early 2008. The music is quiet and moody, setting the tone for Keyshia’s commanding voice that is yearning for the memories of a Love gone wrong.

Keyshia Cole – I Remember




22 – Trey Songz – Can’t Help but wait

Sadly, Trey Songz did not have the commercial success he was hoping for with his sophomore release, Trey Day. But he gained more loyal fans with this effort and showcased his incredible talent as well. This sweet ballad about a lady who deserves better (that being Trey) was a winner with the ChokLit ladies. 🙂

Trey Songz – Can’t Help buy Wait




21 – T-Pain feat. Lil Wayne – Can you Believe it?

This is my sweet cheat in the list. Yah, I snuck in a T-Pain chocolate bar, so sue me! ChokLitfactory is a fan of T-Pain and I couldn’t resist this simple but sexy lead single from Pain’s third album, Thr33 Ringz. A perfect track for the summer, adding Wheezy for a nice touch, who brings his signature robotic whine to the track.

T-Pain feat. Lil Wayne -Can you believe it?




20 – Lyfe Jennings – Never NeverLand

To all my fellas (and ladies!) out there that think they gonna be a playa forever, never wanting to settle down, thinking they will never get old; this song is for you! Lyfe is just speakin the straight truth on this track. One day, you’re gonna want to settle down, and stop cruisin up in Never NeverLand with Peter Pan and ‘em, ya dig?

Lyfe Jennings – Never NeverLand




19 – Lloyd feat. Plies – Year of the Lover (Remix)

Lloyd delivered another solid album in 2008,that was mostly ignored by Mainstream music fans. Dubbed by Vibe Magazine to be R&B’s equivalent to the Snuggle Soft Bear (HA!), his nice guy persona translated well into his music. This song, rumoured to be Lloyd’s second single (that never came) is a standout on his album: a super sexy track for the Lovers.

Lloyd feat. Plies – Year of the Lover (remix)




18 – Ne-Yo – Ms. Independant

Leave it to Ne-Yo to craft the ultimate Ladies anthem for the 08, right before the year lets out. ChokLit Ladies, you know who you are: Sexy, mature, hard-working and Independent. Of course! Ain’t mad at cha Ne-yo!

Ne-Yo – Ms. Independant

Check back tomorrow for PART II of 08’s Best in R&B!!

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  1. Once again I’ll say I’m not an R&B chick but Damn Trey Songz melts my heart!
    Lloyd melts my heart and anything that features Plies makes me W..well u kno how I feel about Plies!
    Neyo as usual hit master himself.
    Keyshia ” I remember” was an anthem!

    Those r my thoughts!

  2. I thought Lloyd would finally ‘breakout’ this year with the Hype Williams directed (and Weezy assisted) Girls Around The World. His first album was slept on and I think the mess with Murder, Inc really set his career back…..didn’t really feel this new album….maybe need more listens

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  4. Lovin the reviews! First time checkin out the choklitfactory, but I’m sure I will be a return customer!

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