Black Licorice: Bow Wow & JD…R.E.S.P.E.C.T tha hustle!

Gracin Source Mag

Gracin Source Mag

OK so…first things…I know this is NOT a Hip-Hop blog! lol Don’t need the reminding, thanks! And anything posted under the category Black Licorice is suited for things you may not be feeling, but I kinda dig it. Not to say you won’t like this song – you probably will! You just may not like who’s behind it, lilBow Wow and ’em. But, we do have some Johnta Austin in it so…take the good with the bad.

Ever since Bow hooked up again with the man JD, they are making some MAGIC together. I don’t know, maybe I am reminiscing for the late 90s again, but I am feelin the music they been puttin out recently. And yes, these JD beats are so repetitive, but I DARE you not to bob your head!

The beat is cute, especially since it is giving me the vibe from TLC’s Baby, baby, baby(love that!). And Johnta sounds nice in his likkle bridge. So, yes, the formula is mad tired, but it still sounds good. Plus, Bow Wow been doin the Grown & Sexy Usher look in this video (we see u Bow) lookin fine too.

Enough talk, check out the song and vid below! And for a treat, I got JD and Bow’s other single, Roc da Mike. ‘Ya girl be dwelvin’ into some Hip Pop on this one, I know!

Bow Wow feat. Johnta Austin – You can get it all

Ok, now watchin the vid, its looks like it was shot in 3 hours on a beach in Malibu and cost $5000. Not impressed. And don’t Bow be reminding us of T.I nowadays (I’d say, a young T.I, but they both the same damn size)

Bow & JD – Roc Da Mic. Yeah…they spent all they money on this vid I guess…

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  1. BOW WOW is maturing…I really enjoy listening to both of his new songs…And I actually like the you can get it all video…the song is strong enough where it can stand alone and doesn’t necessarily need an over the top video…

  2. I`m actually feelin both of Bow Wow`s songs! Not enough to go buy his album. But the songs are hot and I differently would pop,lock and drop it to Roc Da Mic. That`s my jam!
    We all kno I`m a hip hop girl anyway!

  3. It’s weird seeing Bow Wow grow up. Or maybe it’s weird because it means we’re all getting older. Remember that basketball song he did? he was….so….little.

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