ChokLitFactory Exclusive: Is Whitney Houston the G.O.A.T of Contemporary R&B? PART III

 whitneysmile1Thanks for tuning in, now we are getting to the good stuff! Back in 1995, Whitney decided to go back to her R&B roots (her family comes from a long list of R&B royalty) and paired up with Babyface and the Greats in the game for her Soundtrack to the “Black-Women-Power” movie, Waiting to Exhale. Easily one of the most well-orchestrated, well-written albums of the 90s, the soundtrack boasted hits from Mary J. Blige “Not Gonna cry”; Toni Braxton ”Let it Flow”;  Brandy “Sittin up in my Room”; Faith Evans “Kissing you”; Chaka Khan “Funny Valentine” and of course, the G.O.A.T herself, Whitney, “Exhale(Shoop Shoop)” and “Why does it hurt so bad”.  The soundtrack was another huge success, selling 7 million copies in the U.S and 13 million worldwide. This is a favourite of mine.  I still bump this CD every other day. This CD, in my opinion, epitomized 90s R&B and showcased the genius of Kenneth ‘BabyFace’ Edmunds and his partner, Antonio ‘L.A’ Reid.  Some notables tracks below after the jump!

Whitney’s Exhale (Shoop Shoop)

Mary J. Blige’s Not Gonna Cry (Classic Mary)

Brandy’s Sittin Up in my room (this was THE jam!)whitneyexhale

Ok..I”m gonna pop this CD in and go burn that negro’s shyt right about NOW! lol Just playin…Come on back tomorrow for the conclusion of our 4-part series…for those of you who are still in denial!


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  1. This album was genius the Mary J song was my joint, my shit, my mutthaf**kin jam. My mom had the album on Cassette (remember them) and I had the CD. It was a great time for Whitney and Black women @ that. The movie was decent. Whitney did some average acting and yes Angela Bassett was gangsta for burning all her cheating mans shit! LOL that’s one of my favorite scenes!

  2. Hahah YES! Finally someone agrees with me! The peanut gallery sure is silent lately…lol
    But yes, def the jam back in the day. I’m slippin on these posts, final Whitney post will be up tonight 🙂

  3. This is a CLASSIC! It has gotten me through a few break ups 😉

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